Find the right

Coaching Package

for YOU!

Choosing the right coaching package can be a minefield. Can you be honest with your coach? Can you find the right package to help you achieve your BIG exciting goals whilst also ironing out any issues in your business right now?
And, most importantly, can you actually generate the results you desire?

Of course you can! 

You deserve a coaching package unique to your and your business. All of my coaching packages cover the fundamentals required to built a sustainable, profitable and rewarding business and they will then be adapted to suit you, your business goals, your desired time lines and your audience. 

Through YOUR chosen package you can eliminate the guesswork associated with growing your business and learn exactly what you need to … with lots of room to add in your personality, and your goals for the impact your business you can create. 

My Coaching Packages have been separated to cover the 3 key areas of business (and life): 

Start Up – Propel Your Start Up and Life to Success

Scale Up – Stop Hustling and Start Scaling your business.

Soar – Create Your Sh*t hot Life


 Bespoke one to one coaching for those starting out in business. Learn exactly what you need to do to build the foundations for a sustainable and profitable long term business. Say goodbye to overwhelm as you master the key elements for start up success including mindset, messaging and marketing.


One to One Coaching for those of you with an established business but are looking to scale it and achieve the success you deserve. You have already tested your concept and know customers love what you offer but it’s time to earn more money in less time. 


You already have a successful business and know how to serve your customers on a deep level … but you still feel like something is missing and you want to connect with yourself on a deeper level and bring all of you into your business and life. This coahcing programme will help you discover more about you. 

Join a membership community of incredible women also building a sh*t hot business and life. Share your wins, challenges and build deep connections with women who get exactly where you are right now. Running your business should alone doesn’t mean you can’t be part of a welcoming community. .

Are you ready to understand what is holding you back from building a successful business?

Download this free 30 minute audio Masterclass for female entrepreneurs here and transform your business. 

Are your ready to create your Sh*t Hot Business and Life?

How Coaching Works


Coaching is ALL ABOUT YOU! 

It is a client driven process where  I’ll act as a guide helping you build the business and life you really want. On our journey together we will get to the route of what is holding you back internally and externally and create a plan to achieve your goals, all the while living and breathing the miracle that is you! You are the secret to your success, you are what makes you and your business special and the more you learn to love and honour you – the more you will sell. You determine how you will measure your success. 

Client Testimonials

I can 100% reccomend Orlaith to anyone wanting to achieve success within their business! Orlaith has provided me with the best advice in order to turn my business, from being just an idea into something I'm dedicated & motivated to grow and keep going with.