You spend years honing your craft, staying up late at night and sacrificing time with your loved ones to build your business and when it comes to pricing what you offer….

You undercharge like you don’t even like yourself.

Have you done this? 

Be honest with yourself … have you ever: 

  1. Undercharged
  2. Invoiced Late
  3. Hidden from your finances
  4. Priced something based on what you can afford to pay and not the value you genuinely offer your customers
  5. Reduced your price before you’ve even told a potential client the price
  6. Not created sales projections … because you didn’t want the stress of goals and/or you didn’t think you’d reach them
  7. Submitted your tax return last minute
  8. Kept all your finances in a muddle and got a headache trying to sort it all out
  9. Not interested in the support you needed because you couldn’t afford it – but then discovered laster you had 101 subscriptions you weren’t even using This.List.Is.Not.Exhaustitive
    Go grab a cuppa before you read my tips to remedy this!


You are a business owner and you deserve to make the profit you deserve! 

For this to happen, you have to face your finances head on and: 

Commit to being profit-driven 

Facing your limiting beliefs around money 

Check your finances on a weekly basis and set monthly income goals

Understand that what you charge is related to the value of what you sell and not what you feel you are worth (although we can work on this too so you embrace your own epicness).

Take small steps (consistently)

The world is full of quick fixes and if you try and become Warren Buffet overnight – it won’t work. 

Ask yourself: how could I make my business finances a little bit better today? 

Perhaps you could: 

Good luck! This won’t be easy but it will certainly be worth it.

Orlaith xx

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