Picture the scene… it’s August and I have escaped the housework for the afternoon and headed to Starbucks to do some work. It’s about a 10 minute drive and on the way the heaven’s opened and it started pouring with rain!

Within a matter of minutes the roads were flooded, people out for a Sunday stroll were soaked and I was wishing I was running around in the rain to cleanse my spirit.

All of a sudden there was thunder and lightening and my mind started to drift. In less than a second I went from daydreaming about cleansing my spirit to imagining what it would be like if my car got hit by lightening and I was hospitalised. Not only was I hospitalised but I was in a coma and poor Ultan had to come and breastfeed from me as I lay in intensive care. The poor little guy was traumatised and could not understand why his mam was unresponsive.

A bit far fetched don’t you think? There were so many other things that I could have worried about…

Soaking the old man as I drove around the corner?

Rain getting through the open bedroom window and ruining my curtains?

A leak in the roof?

Oh no, I had to throw myself right in there and imagine the worst.

But, that’s what we all do isn’t it? As soon as we are about to do something new… we imagine the worst case scenario and play it over in our heads instead of doing what we need to do.

I want you stop this catastrophising right now! Stop worrying about the worst case scenario and instead focus what you need to do. Your mind will ruin everything if you don’t take control of what you think about and how you approach it.

What are the areas of your business that you’ve been hiding from?

Finances? Sure, taxes are a pain but you need to pay them and if you don’t have a system in place it’s probably because you are worried about not having enough money coming in and this needs to get sorted – pronto!

Systems? What happens when you want a day off? Or to hire people to help you grow? Your business cannot be entirely dependent on you! You have to utilise modern technology and create systems to support your growth. To check out my favourite systems that support you in your business, click here.

Sales and Marketing? No, you are not pestering people when you tell them about your business (well, not when done properly). Rather than worrying about what people think – focus on how you can help your clients. How can you add value through your content. Answer common questions, share case studies but most of all – be client focused in your content.

Personal Development? The fact is – you deserve an amazing life. You deserve to look, feel and act the way you want. You just have to have the courage to be you! Those corny instagram posts are right … by being you you allow others to do the same. So, go be you.

Needless to say I did not get hit by lightening. In fact I got to Starbucks faster than expected and had some lovely me time!

Remember that you are trying to protect you and the easiest way to do that is to see you in your comfort zone! Have the courage to break out of it and live your really life.

Chat soon, Orlaith

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