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It’s a wonderful feeling when your business is starting to generate some traction and all your hard work is finally paying off.  I mean… you’ve worked long and hard to get here and you deserve this success! 

But, you are exhausted! You are working all the hours in the day and you’re starting to notice that the boundaries between you and your customers are starting to become hazy.  At first you were so delighted to get customers that you became friends with them and now those difficult conversations have become even harder! 

You could hire someone to help you but you’re not at that stage yet and project based support causes you lots of hassle initially as you train people to think, speak and act like a fully fledged member of your business. 

You wanted the business of your dreams and now you realise that YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS.

If you go on holiday … your business either stops, you panic because your help isn’t as good as you or you wind up working whilst away. This kind of defeats the purpose of you working for yourself. 

The problem here is that you are your business… you are the person who generates the income, takes care of your customers and is in charge of the follow up. 

This, my friend, is unsustainable and means your business isn’t scaleable. 

How can you grow your business when you are sooo busy working in it?  So, you need to take action and you need to get serious about scaling. 

The reason you are in this situation is because you have (rightly so) been focusing on growing your business and are now seeing the results.

However, growing is not the same as scaling and scaling means you’re able to handle an increase in sales, work, or output in a cost-effective, reasonable manner. Your business can handle growth without suffering in other areas (e.g., you take on a fabulous new client but worry how you will help them because you’re already working all the hours you can).

Some Scaleable Tips: 

1. What is your business vision? 

 You have choice as a business owner and the business you build should achieve your goals! It’s your business and no one else’s. Ask yourself: What is the ultimate goal for my business? If you want to sell your business in the future or grow it so you aren’t front and centre at all times … then you will need it to be scaleable! If you want to build a lifestyle business then the need to scale will differ. Only you know what you want. Whatever you decide … is right for you and that’s all that matters. 

2. How do businesses grow? 

This might sound like a silly question but it’s important that you understand what makes a business scaleable.  Get your Jessica Fletcher on and learn from competitors who have successfully grown and scaled. How did they do this? How can you replicate it in your business?

3. Identify Milestones 

Consider this refilling your petrol tank. You have a fuel gage that tells you when you will run out of petrol and need to top up in order to keep moving. You should do the same for your business… How many customers can you comfortably help on your own? At what stage will you need help? Which help will you need first? 

4. Create some systems in your business.

Don’t loose sales because you have left the building. Create a framework for helping customers that mean if you decide to visit Rio for a month in the morning … any half decent team member can step in and follow YOUR FRAMEWORK. 

5. Stop thinking you have to be the expert on everything.

This is a difficult one but there are people out there who are worth the investment! Your time is limited and you need time to focus on growth and strategy. Included in your milestones you should plan to hire the right people to implement your framework. Strategically outsource my friend. 

6. Conduct a business MOT!

Assess your IT system, cash flow, processes, marketing funnel and team. Are these areas fit for purpose and will they support you in taking on new customers? Identify any barriers to growth and create a plan of action. 

7. Monitor CashFlow

Cash is essential for your business to function so important to identify when you will need more to grow your business. If looking for investment – remember that due to to the expected return this can be an expensive option! Crowdfunding may also work for you. 

You are an EPIC Business Owner and deserve to be able to step away from your business and enjoy the life you have worked hard to create! 

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