Dare to be you
Helping Mums grow their business around their
A mum running your own business?

Starting a family and maternity leave can be just the break from the norm some women need to assess their life’s path and ensure they are on the right track. 

For many they can’t face leaving their child to return to a job that doesn’t fulfil them and is killing their soul. 

But maternity leave is hardly a walk in the park is it? Responsible for a new life and trying to do something you’ve never done before can equal massive pressure (not to mention the financial  pressures). 

We’ve create a community of mumpreneurs who may have been inspired to start a business to ‘get away’ from the corporate world but are inspired to build a business to move forward and build the life they really want. 

Come join us, no judgement, sales or negativity… just empowered women supporting empowered women.