What My Epic Clients

Have To Say

I cannot recommend highly enough Orlaith as a coach, I just been working with her since January and she has helped me to hone my message and put my thoughts in the right words that resonate with my audience. She always is encouraging me to take action and she trust in my business sometimes even more than I do. I am truly grateful for all the help she has been giving me. Her passion is very contagious and I feel so motivated after each session with her. Thanks a lot. A very happy person here!

Orlaith is one of these amazing people with so much energy, enthusiasm and a wealth of business knowledge. She has been such a massive support to me and I can’t recommend her and her services enough. It’s rare to find someone who is so genuinely interested in seeing you and your business succeed. Thanks Orlaith for all your help and support .
I have only been working with Orlaith for a couple of months and I know that this is one of the best investments for myself and my business that I will ever make. I knew where I wanted to take my business but I had no idea how to do that and Orlaith just got me, my business and what I was trying to achieve straight away and she saw an even bigger picture for my business. She has guided me, advised me, kept me accountable, listened to me, kept me on track and pushed my comfort zones and challenged me to push forward in a way that I would never have dreamed of. 2020 has got off to an absolutely flying start, and it's just the beginning, I am so excited going forward and to be taking my business to the next level and I have Orlaith to thank for helping me take it to the next level. She is a LEGEND!
I have been working with Orlaith for the last 3 months in a 121 coaching programme for my salon business, That Rosie Glow. I can honestly say she is one of the most caring and genuine people I've worked with! Within the last 3 months she has really helped me focus on my goals and creating a step by step plan to achieve them to which she holds me accountable. Already I have met my 3 month goals, including doubling my take home income as well as pushing me to do the things that take me closer to my goals. If you are serious about growing your business and have the motivation to be successful Orlaith is who you want by your side. A super inspiring and honest coach that makes you feel excited about your future!
I've loved working with Orlaith Brogan She has kept me focused on the important aspects of my business, get processes in place to make things more streamlined and efficient, create a content strategy and has given me lots of new ideas and inspo to help take my business to the next level. Thanks Orlaith!
A revolutionary viewpoint with success and expert knowledge on how to make a business work. I've learned so much in taking part in training courses as well as the (I still can't quite believe it) free content available to for everyone.
Investing in you and investing in your business with Orlaith is the best decision of investment and moving your business forward you will make. You will receive the return to your business ten fold. Do it!