Your Start Up business to


A fun but comprehensive coaching programme that builds your confidence and your business knowledge to help you achieve success.

The problem with most trainings for those new to business is that they’re confusing! In an attempt to ‘niche’ down and serve their market many coaches focuses on one key area of business; marketing, sales, social media, branding, and digital marketing etc. 

This level of detailed learning has it’s place but what you need is to understand the key concepts of running a business and develop the confidence to implement them with your personality so that your business stands out for the right reason. You wouldn’t learn how to repair a washing machine when all you wanted was to wash your clothes? You don’t need to know everything … in fact this level of knowledge often causes paralysis and for new business owners to get bogged down by detail when they should be focusing on what they do best; sharing their gift with the world. 

What is included in Start Up?


Your Business & Life Vision

Empowering you to be the leader of your business. Studies show that when the goals of the business align with the goals of the business owner- it it more likely to succeed. By identifying the life you want your business to support - this will help you make the right business decisions and ensure your business adds to your life instead of taking away from it.


Create An Effective Marketing Strategy

Marketing is an exercise in memorisation. You will learn exactly what you want to become known for and how to clearly communicate this to your ideal client. You will identify the mediums that work best for you, your authentic message and will create a plan that you can replicate time after time.


Create A Sales System

Remove the stress with consistent sales. Your aim in business should always be to sell more to your existing customers and whilst marketing helps you reach more people (and become famous for something in their minds), create a clear sales journey and maximising sales will enable youth build a sustainable business whilst solving your customers problems.


Create Your Signature Packages

Having something to sell in the key to your businesses success. Deciding what packages to create, when to introduce new packages and when to take your existing packages to new markets is a key skill in your business growth. By identifying what you want to deliver, the gaps in the market and how to solve your clients problem you'll notice a huge difference in your business.


Running Your Business Like A Pro

There's so much work behind the scenes when running a business. Together we will create a plan where you will identify and develop the systems you need, take control of your finances and your money mindset and build a sustainable business as opposed to something that requires you all day every day to run.

Are you ready to proper your Start Up Business to success?


Sign up for a FREE DISCOVERY CALL, were together we will determine exactly what you want to achieve and the best way to do this for you. 

How the Coaching Sessions Work

You’re ready for things to feel easy—and good.


Imagine discovering the power of you and bringing that power your business? 

Imagine embracing your personality, what makes you different and how this can catapult your business to success? 

Imagine combining your power with sales and business strategies that really work and the success that this would bring to your business?

Imagine investing in coaching that enables you to grow and help you identify what makes you special combined with helping you become a sh*t hot business woman will transform your life and business way more than just learning digital marking or how to get sales from social media?

Imagine working with  someone that genuinely cares about you, your success and your happiness?

Imagine what’s possible for you…. when you invest in you? 


Client Success Story

I am kicking myself for not reaching out to Orlaith to work together MUCH sooner! I look forward to our 1:1 calls and always feel I leave having had so much value from that time.