You are a busy business woman and there is nothing worse than spending lots of time implementing changes in your business – only to realise that it doesn’t work for you! Agghhh… all that lost time setting up systems that you couldn’t maintain.

I have a family, a business, a life I want to enjoy and, like most people, a phone that is always with me. That’s not to say I am a slave to my phone but because it is always with me then it makes sense that I can work form my phone when I get a chance.

Here are my favourite time saving apps… if they work for you try them. What’s important is that you find the systems that work for you. Everything I have listed below work on your phone and link to your laptop – this is what makes them so special for me.

It goes without saying that you should always ensure you are happy with recommendations before signing up.

Banking: TIDE BANK I had a business bank account with a high street bank but it was taking absolutely ages to open an online account and I couldn’t get my head round it! So, I found this bank and have never looked back! I have an app on my phone (it’s easier to use from your phone than desktop) and from there can check my balance, send invoices and make payments in seconds. It means that when in the soft play and Ultan is running round with his friends – I can take full advantage of those 5 minutes to myself.
I have shared my referral code in the link above so if you sign up by using it – we both benefit.

Card Machine: Sum Up Blair used to say that I was like The Queen because I never carried cash, now I am convinced that he is the only person in the world that queues at an ATM and take out cash! People are sadly using card and many are using their watch and phones to pay. Get with the programme my friend and don’t loose out on sales because you think card machines are expensive. This is cost effective (I think) and links to your bank account. It makes it easy for people to pay and is what they expect!

Managing your endless to do list: Trello My friend! I am by no means an organised person and I find it so difficult running around with a hundred and one notebooks and so many to do lists – I feel like some days all I do is make lists! However, when working with clients it is so important that i am organised and keep details private. I find Trello amazing because I create boards for different clients (that I share with them) and for different projects I am working on. I can upload relevant information, set reminders and track my progress. I have the app on my phone and also use on my laptop. It has revolutionised how I get things done!

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