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EPIC is so much more than your basic online membership. Epic has been created just for you with the right amount of education, encouragement and accountability to help you build a shit hot business and LIFE.


Running a business is HARD and whilst more and more women are starting businesses – the truth is that we are not earning what we should be and more importantly we are overwhelmed and it is having a knock on effect on our lives.

Do you ever feel like:

  • You are exhausted running your business and not sure what to do to generate resuts?
  • You know what you should be doing but not sure how to do it in a way that feels right for you?
  • Lonely and like you just need someone to talk to that undertsands the reality of running a business?
  • That you want to create big goals in your business but aren’t sure how to do thsi and how to make it happen?
  • Your days (and months) are running away from you and you’re not as priductive as you want to be
  • Confused with all the things you could become and ‘expert’ on to grow your business?
  • Lack concentraaion and focus when you finally get some time to deidcate to your business
  • Unsure of what to focus on that will actually generate results in your business

Our mission is simple...


Our mission is simple: To help female business owners build a shit hot business and life.

We teach you what you need to do to build a successful and sustainable business (without exhausting yourself)

We support you as you release blocks, trauma and limitations to enable you hold yourself accountable and take consistent action towards your goals.

We celebrate and champion you as you build a business and life that you LOVE and transform your life (family, community and future).

Is Epic right for you?

What You Get When You Join...

EPIC Education


EPIC Training Vault

Immediate access to the Epic Training Vault and 20 hours & of business and marketing training


Resource Vault

Immediate access to valuable rescources such as TRELLO boards and printable worksheets.


Weekly Q and A

Each Sunday ask your questions and get them answered live in our Facebook Community.

EPIC Coaching and Accountability


Weekly Mastermind

A weekly mastermind focusing on the day to day running of your business and day to day action required to grow your business.


Monthly Goal Setting

Inspirational, Focused and quite possible the best part of your month. Set your goals for the month ahead and reward yourself for what you have achieved to date.


Monthly Content Planning Workshop

Once a month we sit down and plan out your content for the month ahead.


Quarterly Pivot Sessions

Each quarter we look at your annual goals and ensure you are on track. Pivoting where necessary and ensuring you achieve your goals.

What our EPIC Members Have To Say...

Josefa ...

is a mum of two and runs Graceful Changes a revolutionary clothing rental company for children. She is on a mission to reduce waste and save the planet. 

Josefa Says: I love being a member of EPIC, I have made so many amazing friends and connected with like-minded women also running businesses around their families. I love Orlaith’s training and weekly masterminds. 

Laura ...

is a mum one nd runs Satisfashion a personal styling service in Edinburgh. 

Laura Says: I just love Epic. I have made friends, learnt loads and grown my business. The women are all incredible and really offer support. You need to join Epic. We cannot wait to meet you. 

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