How To Market Your Business During This Difficult Time

The world is a strange place at the best of times but right now … it all seems a little too strange for comfort. Big businesses are closing their shops, restaurants and offices.  Staff are being encouraged to work from home. Self isolation is in full swing and social media is full of people complaining […]

What’s your story for 2020?

Goal setting 2020

Happy last month of 2019 … aka time to plan, panic and eat lots of Quality Street whilst ongoing the in-laws. So, this morning I really needed to change my state on the walk to work (check me out with all my Tony Robbins lingo).  The previous 5 hours (yes, 5!) had been spent a […]

5 Books Every Epic Business Owner Should Read

I hated reading for a long time… I was 28 when someone handed me a copy of The Secret and from there I became addicted to reading and have read about a book a week since then. I have gone from book avoider to considering my library to be part of my legacy to my […]

Are you brave enough to have a coffee with yourself?

You know I love a Starbucks (just check out my coaching packages) and often it’s the only time I get to myself. I use it as my office and honestly get soo much work done in there. Sometimes I like to have a coffee with myself! Do you take time to sit down and have […]

Need Some Motivation? Watch These

Being an EPIC Business Owner goes a little like this … one day you are on top of the world and everything is going well and the next you are having a crisis of confidence and wondering if you are good enough. Before you throw in the towel because you think your competitor is clearly […]

Why Your Business Isn’t Scaleable

Beautiful Branding ✔️Swanky Website ✔️Happy Clients ✔️Feeling Pretty Happy With Your Progress ✔️  It’s a wonderful feeling when your business is starting to generate some traction and all your hard work is finally paying off.  I mean… you’ve worked long and hard to get here and you deserve this success!  But, you are exhausted! You […]