How to stand out from others in your market instead of competing with them.

Agh … competitors… the topic that no one wants to talk about. Some business coaches will ask you to conduct an in-depth competitor analysis and others will tell you that you are your only competition and you don’t need to know about them (or energetically go there).  Confused much?  I want to show you how […]

5 Books Every Epic Business Owner Should Read

I hated reading for a long time… I was 28 when someone handed me a copy of The Secret and from there I became addicted to reading and have read about a book a week since then. I have gone from book avoider to considering my library to be part of my legacy to my […]

Why do Women suck with money?

You spend years honing your craft, staying up late at night and sacrificing time with your loved ones to build your business and when it comes to pricing what you offer…. You undercharge like you don’t even like yourself. Have you done this?  Be honest with yourself … have you ever:  Undercharged Invoiced Late Hidden […]

7 Ways To Generate More Sales In Your Business

At some stage in pretty much every coaching journey a client tells me that:  They don’t like selling. They don’t want to bombard their e-mail list orThey are not sure how to share what they are offering without it being a hard sell.  So, if you feel this way; you are not alone, and here are […]

Tips From Your Father: How To Stand Out From The Competition

When I studied marketing at Uni, I remember my professor saying something that really stuck in my mind.    It must have been something really special to stand out when you consider I spent most of the 3 years partying and having fun (I got serious and immersed myself in marketing later)!  He spoke about how […]