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Hi, I'm Orlaith Brogan a Business and Life Coach whose main passion in life is to help you build a Sh*t Hot Business and Life!

What about you?

How amazing would your business and life be if you could educate yourself on the areas of business and marketing that would really help you grow your business and, more importantly, trust yourself to implement these newly learnt skills in a way that works for you? 

How amazing would it be to stop jumping into the future and taking on problems that don’t exist and take consistent action RIGHT NOW? 

How amazing would it be to stop being your business and focus on running your business … and falling in love with yourself in the process? 

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Who is Orlaith?

Trusting a coach to help you grown your business and investing your time, energy and money in that relationship is a big deal!

It is essential that I have the knowledge and experience to help you build a successful business, alongside the coaching capabilities to identify, acknowledge and support you in overcoming negative beliefs and release trapped emotions that may stop you implement the information you have just learned.  


I am a single mum of 1 truly amazing little boy, a successful entrepreneur, certified business and life coach and committed to helping female entrepreneurs build a sh*t hot business and life.

I understand that growing a business unearths every single limiting belief we have ever had about ourselves and you must navigate learning all about running a business and an unexpected journey of self discovery. Oh and all while being mum, partner, friend and everything else in between. 

These two journeys run alongside each other and are essential for you to step out of your comfort zone and build the business and life you want. 

Most business owners are overwhelmed with information on the next fad growth strategy, the ‘perfect’ framework for growth and very seldom learn how to actually create a successful business. 

My mission in life is to help you build a sustainable business (as a single mum – I know on a deep level how important this is) and alongside this build the life of YOUR dremms (and not anyone else’s).

I live life on my terms and love sea swimming, cold water therapy, axe throwing, meditation and watching my son be himself.

Are you ready to understand what is holding you back from building a successful business?

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How I Work

I help you clearly identify and build a Sh*t Hot Business and Life.  It’s a combination of a journey of self discovery and releasing what is holding you back alongside building a business that you love and becoming a confident business owner – one that can side-step the overwhelm and what you’re told to focus on and embrace what will actually drive your business forward. 

Your Sh*t Hot Life: Your LEVEL 10 Life

What is holding you back? 
How can you have fun overcoming these blocks. 
Change on a physical, mental and energetic level

Your Sh*t Hot Business:

The key components of a successful and sustainable businessHow to implement these and  grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. 

Client Success Story

This time last year I was worried about sales each month and now I am earning £10k plus a month. I also have an amazing social life and am starting to put me first. My while life is changing.