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You started your business because you were fed up settling for a life that wasn’t really yours ….

You didn’t recognise the person you were becoming and you knew you had this unfulfilled potential inside you and the longer you ignored it … the louder it screamed. 

And here you are … a business owner…. and it’s harder than you expected. But, you can’t really tell anyone that because they were wondering why you left your cushy job to pursue such a wild dream in the first place.

To top it all off you’re getting lots of conflicting information, you’re confused, working long hours and not seeing the results (especially in the auld bank account). You know there’s a better way but you’re not quite sure what or how to make the necessary changes. 

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Along the way you missed something…

With all the learning about Facebook and Instagram marketing, becoming known in your industry and replacing your corporate wage in the first 6 months (that one can be a killer)…. you forgot that your first challenge was to become a business person. To actually learn exactly what it takes to grow your business and stop getting distracted by what experts tell you you ‘should’ be doing. 

I like my coaching packages how I like my coffee… strong, effective and get you bussing about your business (without the need for caffeine).


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Revolutionise Your Business with more in-depth support.

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