I hated reading for a long time… I was 28 when someone handed me a copy of The Secret and from there I became addicted to reading and have read about a book a week since then. I have gone from book avoider to considering my library to be part of my legacy to my son!

As someone who works with business owners on a daily basis… I understand the importance of learning and growth and books are the perfect way to do this.

My advice when reading is to use the information to build your confidence in particular areas and do not take on board everything the author says (unless you want to). The purpose of reading more is to build you up and to grow your confidence and certainly not so that you implement advice that does not sit well with you.

My tips for getting the best out of your reading time:

1. Choose a book that will help you progress TODAY! Books are a great way to achieve some quick progression in your life and business. This will make you feel fab and motivated.

2. Older books are fabulous… provided they are more strategic than tactical! A book on the fundamentals of marketing never gets old but mastering broadcast marketing that worked in the 80’s – won’t help you today. Don’t discount older books just choose wisely.

3. Many books written today are also the basis of the content for an online programme. Books can be a fantastic way of learning from authors without investing hundreds and thousands in their online courses. For example one of the books I have recommended below, The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster, covers many of the concepts that Darren Hardy’s Entrepreneur Fast Pass course did. I know this because I have both read the book and completed the course. The same applies for Brendon Burchard’s Millionaire Messenger Book and his Experts Academy (again – having completed both). It is also worth bearing this in mind before you buy an expensive course – get the book and see if you like the content before committing. Also – you should reuse your content in this format where possible.

4. Older books are often available for free on Youtube – it’s worth checking before buying them so you can access them for free. Newer books often form podcast episodes or series’ for the author – so worth checking if the author has a podcast or has appeared as a guest on other podcasts discussing their books. Below, I have provided a link for Amy Porterfield’s podcast when she interviewed Donald Miller. I prefer the podcast to the book itself!

Enjoy your reading (listening/watching)!

The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster – Darren Hardy

What I liked about this book was that it explained what is means to be an entrepreneur. It explained selling in a way that means I felt wonderful about helping people as opposed to afraid I was pushing something on them that they didn’t want.

Get it on Amazon, Audible, Podcast

Building A Story Brand – Donald Miller

Use your story to connect with your customers but at the same time … learn how to make your customers the most important people in your story.

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Retail Therapy – Mark Pilkington

Oh my goodness, I loved this book. The first few chapters scared me as the reality of The High Street was laid bare but the book was full of ideas and insight to help local businesses. Online businesses could also learn a lot too.

Get it on Amazon, Podcast

Working With The Law- Raymond Holliwell

This book is a must have for all business owners. I personally prefer to listen to it due to the style of writing. It’s an older book but my word is what it teaches you timeless. It inspires you to think bigger and really achieve the life you want. This is great to dig into if you are questioning your abilities and want to realise your true potential.

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The Greatest Salesman In The World – Og Mandino

This book has gotten me through so many hard times. I listen it to it in the car when heading to meet clients or read a chapter when I need motivation. It really gets down to the nitty gritty and the type of person you must become to be a fantastic salesperson. It is very much character driven. Written many moons ago it’s a refreshing change from the ‘quick rich’ books we see today.

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What are your favourite books? Please comment below!

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